Sigil for magical partners

One of the recent things in my life is that I’ve been developing a relationship with someone who shares an interest in being magical partners together. One aspect of this came up as a suggestion from my partner that we might have a sigil of some kind to represent the combination of our emergent effort.… Continue reading Sigil for magical partners

Parzival poster

A while back in June, after the initial reader’s theatre read-through of the Parzival script, I did what I often do when thinking about something: I went on a search engine safari. In my search, I was struck by a particular image used for the Alexander Reichstein illustrated cover for Marit Laurin’s Parzival [amzn]. The… Continue reading Parzival poster

chief adept wand 3

Third run at the image. It’s definitely better, but edges are still a little pixelated (especially against a background). There’s at least one more round to go.

chief adept wand 2

The next round, with more texture; still drafty. There’s short, long and a really lame test with vulture wings with which I’m just seeing what I think before I go to all the work of drawing for real.

chief adept wand

This is a draft image of the chief adept wand. It’s essentially pixel art. The head of the wand is still a bit rough. The first image is with a long staff, the second with a shortened staff.


Working on transcribing something from scans of Aleister Crowley’s notes (of correspondence with Allen Bennett circa 1905), I decided to sketch out a possible replacement for a really primitive inline illustration. Here’s my version and a scan of the inline original.

horus triangle

This was a quick image of the eye of horus within a red triangle for the vespers ritual on winter solstice.

Gnostic Mass at Sekhet-Maat Lodge

Last week I completed some promotional graphics for Sekhet-Maat Lodge to help people spread the word about the weekly celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass [also] every Sunday at 3pm. I posted the final images to the Lodge’s promotion page. There’s actually three versions on the promotions page, including one for social networks and… Continue reading Gnostic Mass at Sekhet-Maat Lodge

brilliant dark

bringing in the brilliant dark as you take part in the sacrament of desire building toward self and renewal of all or nothing double down on enlightenment and place your bets on red go all in or go home as the man said no one here gets out alive so take your money or live… Continue reading brilliant dark

Horus fire lamen 5

Well, so I just gave up using PS and stuck with AI. That means, the lines are way cleaner, and the completely vector version could be re-sized to anything. I may need to adjust the width of the black lines to be more clear in very small sizes And, here’s a PDF version, to show… Continue reading Horus fire lamen 5

Horus fire lamen 4

I tried a couple of things. I pixel bashed a bit. I reduced the size of the head and made the body wider, which actually helps a lot. I went toward more traditionally egyptian colours (a la the SVG at wikipedia) There’s definitely a point where it’s hard to know whether it even works at… Continue reading Horus fire lamen 4

Horus fire lamen

Starting from this design suggestion from a friend, Beth: “Horus holding the flames of aspiration/inspiration/initiation.” Initial scan of my sketch Cleaned up fire Cleaned up Horus Elements together with a lamen and colour

Café Thélème

So, I was just dorking around while thinking about the theme for an informal reception, wondering what to do with it. And, I ended up sketching out an idea for Café Thélème. I don’t know if this is too dorky, or maybe inspires anyone, but … I put my rough graphic idea online, which you… Continue reading Café Thélème