It’s what happens

I read a tweet that said, “Loneliness is what happens when you don’t let people in.” Well, fuck and shit. That’s like saying to someone who’s dying, “Death is what happens when you stop breathing.” Yes, it seems actually true in a particular and peculiar kind of way; but, it’s also fucking stupid and shitty… Continue reading It’s what happens

Sigil for magical partners

One of the recent things in my life is that I’ve been developing a relationship with someone who shares an interest in being magical partners together. One aspect of this came up as a suggestion from my partner that we might have a sigil of some kind to represent the combination of our emergent effort.… Continue reading Sigil for magical partners

the dream broke

Some of the things you said last night and before matched with my nightmare about moving and never seeing you; really threw me for a loop. I think the dream broke. The invincibility of infatuation has worn away to reveal a bleak reality. What I’m left with is the sure and definite fact that I… Continue reading the dream broke


For me, superstition is not characterized by choosing one metaphor over another labeled wrong, but rather in mistaking perception and metaphor for an objective reality; and to banish superstition is to realize this: that truth is never without subjectivity because any truth understood by a mind is conditioned by the limitations of mind, that metaphors… Continue reading Superstition

The three stages of lamer ideation

The Three Stages of Lamer Ideation   1. Emphatically Ridicule “That’s the stupidest idea ever. Where did you get that idea from?”   2. Secretly Internalize “…”   3. Claim Credit “You know, I’ve always said …”   B: Huh. Interesting idea. And, who’s idea is this that you’re taking credit for now? A &… Continue reading The three stages of lamer ideation


A: I used to really be into that book when I was young. I guess I grew out of that phase. A & B: … B: So, not only did you actively cultivate your sense of radical close-minded ignorance, but are proud of the accomplishment?

the information being presented

The material represents a diversity of ideas spread across time, culture and tradition. It is better to present these ideas without hiding them in order to get a better understanding of them. Sometimes this better understanding means also taking into account cultural contexts of where and when and by whom these ideas appear. So, it… Continue reading the information being presented


I think it is possible to mistake for success a process that devours a plentiful resource, and fail to realize that as unsustainable. Also, there are inevitable side-effects and unintended consequences which can be attributed to that mistaken success, not the least of which is a serious lowering of expectations on what constitutes success in… Continue reading lifestyle


And that’s why I guess I’ll wait with baited breath for your stream of status updates in response with passive-aggressive quotes trying on various rationalizations and excuses in other threads and venues, hoping one will stick. But what you’ll no doubt fail to realize is that no matter how you dismiss any criticism, it is… Continue reading unaltered


A: I always knew you were a scorpion A: But, you failed to understand that I am not a fox A & B: …

status update

B: … and, therefore, while I understand what you are saying, I disagree and believe you are seriously mistaken A & B: … B: Yes, well, I will look forward to your passive-aggressive status update in reply.


B: I can tell you really want me to do stuff B: But you seem to want me to do your stuff B: And get mad when I do my stuff


A: That’s the way it always is. I’ve made sure of that. B: Thats surreal. Your words are positively Orwellian. A: Well, there are exceptions …


A: Thelema good! A: Not-Thelema bad! B: Um, sorry. I don’t speak to troglodytes.

you should realize

B: You should realize by now I’m not afraid of you and you’ve proved yourself petty and small A: I know you are, but what am I?