Ostara ’05

Welcome North, the colour black, the season of winter and the element of Earth. I don’t want to start a contest, but I’ve noticed that earth is heavier than air, which is good because if it weren’t we’d all be ants. I’ve noticed that earth is not flammable, which is good, because if it were… Continue reading Ostara ’05

Samhain – Spiral Dance ’04

Diety Deus Zeus Perkunas Jupiter Deus Pater Sky Father All Father grandfather father brother son horizon sunrise noonday sun sunset twilight night Welcome God

what are you gonna do

what are you gonna do when people put up yard sale signs but won’t sell you their yards? what are you gonna do if lovers lips are so sweet they pucker when they kiss? people don’t mean what they say and don’t say what they mean and people are mean when they say what are… Continue reading what are you gonna do

Brigid ’04

One of the old traditions for this time of year was to place a candle in the window. This was to act as a beacon for the Goddess. This is the time of year when the Goddess starts her journey of return from the Underworld. She is bringing something with her. The Goddess went to… Continue reading Brigid ’04

this is where

This is where my passion has gone From a deathly fear of doing wrong it has mellowed and aged as I have litterally living in this hermit cave I have no real remaining passion except an addiction to masturbation That is the true full circle I have travelled from cherry brandy, from vagrant hotel to… Continue reading this is where

children’s crusade

an ablative shield of suffering wave after wave of the sensitive throwing themselves on swords of injustice a children’s crusade the shock and horror of disillusion acting like a beacon in the dark for those too jaded to see how real the injustice is and the sacrifice of the sensitive creates the new need for… Continue reading children’s crusade

mental monkey dance

he’s very good at doing that mental monkey dance within the lengths of the chains of self but he’s turned a dance of freedom into the pale pantomime of a prisoner fancy dance doesn’t replace emancipation the self can spend so much time entertaining that it forgets the struggle to be free that the dance… Continue reading mental monkey dance


The promise Don’t mythologize me. Remember that I am human. I accept myself, good and bad, success and failure. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed and overcome failures. I know that your mistakes are not you and that I love you in part because of your ability to make mistakes but remain… Continue reading promise


I’m glad you told me you want me to be and what not to be in order to be what you could, should, would wish. I don’t care what you want or don’t. I want what I want and don’t want what you think I should be. If I can be and not give up… Continue reading invitation

signs will show

signs show the sun casts no solstice shadow what the cold cape of winter now reveals a love bed of rose like stars glimmer through hidden in folds of threadbare velvet night the contrails from her solar chariot drawn by lions to the hazy horizon like looking at floating feathers dancing riddles me sleepy memories… Continue reading signs will show

homepage and the dialectic between honesty vs truth

Last night, I watched “homepage” which is an interesting documentary about the early culture that surrounded the web, the revolutionary fanaticism, and a bit about its demise. However, there was a part that had me thinking about some stuff from my own past, actually previous to all the events of the movie. honesty vs. truthfulness… Continue reading homepage and the dialectic between honesty vs truth

The Sense of Pleasure

In this age we have created a senseless pleasure with no quality other than a one dimensional quanity. We’ve created an age that has no sense of a quality in pleasure other than dissatisfaction with intensity. This dissatisfaction is gained from the ever increasing need for more from a one dimensional pleasure that is a… Continue reading The Sense of Pleasure