no cures

“no cures.” No tears in the eyes of the youth Patriotism is the new faith “I am no criminal” Blind masses of youth marching Civil disobedience “It’s not the ideology, it’s the people” “It’s not the guns, it’s those damn bullets” Not to question patriotism is to stagnate and become blind followers to the new… Continue reading no cures

momentarily again

I was asleep too long you woke me to myself anyway a potential future was motivating momentarily everything new enough again waking to a dream I dared imagine real in the end never regret but unable to say what I’ve written again aloud


Having worn out your welcome under your own name You stumbled on the perfect sleight of hand Pulled from the secret treasure of Templars You use the decapitated head of the prophet as a puppet To twist his words into a proof confirming your bias You hide behind his persona as if a mask In… Continue reading welcome

wholly unbalanced

I find you wholly unbalanced. You favor the dagger like a crutch, and that addiction proves your need further banishing. Your crude supplication to what you take as objective truth is transparent to the wise as weakness of mind.


The inflight swaying at eye level of the pleated, navy blue privacy skirt between my row and first-class was a little too like 3 hrs of upskirt for comfort


another demon of dance when all but almost naked in satin and lace, red ribbons but don’t touch, don’t touch it’s a job for shapely asses and I want to grace this drink of her late at night she has these marks on her where did her irises go glowing strangely like corpses is she… Continue reading demons


that expansion and contraction yoga and tantra edge-seeking luscious and juicy sweaty and sweet never managed to let go to that not completely unable to hold on afraid of a lot things seductive and beautiful just to know lots of reasons one might hold back reasoned ignorance from knowing things afraid and desirous life without… Continue reading explode


your bible-thumpery is thwartsome and is as in need for jestery poking as any archetypal old bat in Sunday dress and flower hat who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business that you don’t see that is evidence of a character flaw that need for a truth you have to use as a… Continue reading tourist

first principles

the thing you know and propound as fact whether true or not is an article of faith because of your relationship to it intellectually, philosophically, metaphorically, perceptually you are slavishly devoted to the proposition that you’re right no matter what the truth is like a teenager your truth is a gun you wave around loaded… Continue reading first principles


I’m still strongly under the spell of the delusion that along will come a princess and with just one kiss will rescue me from all of this and in a moment fix everything

ghost town

my insides were ripped out and replaced with dust any heartbeat left is the shutters slamming in the wind marking time for an irregular march of skeletons


haunted by a demon i cast a protective circle but my resolve dissolves in uncertainty i let the demon in and instantly regret the pleasure of submission

wicked way

i get a feeling i can’t shake that sex with you is a mistake a mistake that i keep making some great ideas in heads aren’t always so great in beds or whatever is conveniently steady like counter tops and tables and great old oak trees like bookcases and stairwells and renovated back seats when… Continue reading wicked way