The passing of a great human being

I am writing this to tell you about the passing of a great human being. I learned on Thursday that Patrick J Hill has passed. I want to share with you that someone you probably did not know has recently been lost to this world. I am telling you this because he deserves to be… Continue reading The passing of a great human being

community, festivals & education (was Re: tesccrier digest: March 27, 2005)

Hirsh Diamant recently posted something to TESCCRIER about which I found myself thinking a great deal. I have moved my response to TESCTALK, since that forum is intended for more conversational topics. I responded privately to Hirsh, but wanted, in part on Hirsh’s suggestion, to post something to the forums. On Mar 28, 2005, at… Continue reading community, festivals & education (was Re: tesccrier digest: March 27, 2005)

Important Event

Dr. Shiva in Seattle on Saturday Jul 25th (The Day Out of Time, interestingly) — Dear Friends and Colleagues– Want you to know that Dr. Vandana Shiva–a brilliant, articulate, and significant international voice, will be speaking on Sunday, July 25, at 2:30 pm in Kane Hall (U of W). We have just learned that she… Continue reading Important Event

what the #$*! do we know!?

There’s this film you may have seen posters for around campus … and it’s being billed on its own website as a film for the cultural creatives, and it could be a much more accessible (but at a cost, I think) intro to the ideas of films like mindwalk. However, it’s still interesting and I… Continue reading what the #$*! do we know!?

my summative self eval

It’s the end of my undergraduate career! I did a summative self evaluation, which I’ve posted to my website. I thought I send a link to you all, if you’re interested in taking a gander at that: For those of you graduating too, congratulations! For those that aren’t done yet, I can testify that there’s… Continue reading my summative self eval

my fall final paper online

Hey, there, all. Now that the quarter is over, I’ve had a moment to catch my breath. I put my fall final, from Dissent, Injustice and the Making of America, online. I mention it because it carries forward some of the PALOD themes and things I was thinking about. There’s some definite palod-isms like “willing… Continue reading my fall final paper online

the elephant parable

Okay, sorry, but this was too interesting. There’s a book out, by a consultant that lives in Walla Walla, called “The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work”, and here’s a review on Slashdot: Each participant on a collaborative project encounters a piece of that project, rarely the whole elephant. We grasp whatever we… Continue reading the elephant parable

a quote and sharif abdullah

I ran into this quote, which seems familiar, so I’m not sure but that it might have shown up in PALOD, but it’s relevant anyway: Cromwell: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be wrong.” Also, I noticed that New Dimensions, which runs on KAOS sunday mornings, is possibly… Continue reading a quote and sharif abdullah

nothing human is alien to me

So, I read, over the break, the book “How the Irish saved civilization” by Thomas Cahill. I noticed a latin version of a quote from PALOD, which appears to the source for the quote found in one of our readings. Anyhow, the latin is “Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto” and comes from… Continue reading nothing human is alien to me

J M Coetzee wins Nobel Prize

Saw this, and thought I’d mention it, since we read The Lives of Animals in class. J M Coetzee has won the 2003 Nobel for Literature.

If you missed Lysistrata, don’t miss Dr Strangelove on the 14th!

“Be part of a national anti-war action on May 14. Screen “Dr. Strangelove,” and raise money for groups still working hard for peace, justice and relief in Iraq.” It might be a good “new” slogan they’ve reclaimed, “peace is our profession.” What was originally irony (and in fact, if I remember correctly, was a… Continue reading If you missed Lysistrata, don’t miss Dr Strangelove on the 14th!

[Fwd: [tesccrier] Student project – take our survey in red square- on tuesday!]

Robin & I will be doing part of our qtr project tomorrow and next tuesday. If you know your Myers-Briggs type, stop by. If you don’t know it, then take the online version of the personality test and then stop by to take our survey! Thanks! —–Forwarded Message—– > From: J G Bell > To:… Continue reading [Fwd: [tesccrier] Student project – take our survey in red square- on tuesday!]

[Fwd: us rep kuchinich’s speech]

Ia actually sent this out to a friend the other day. Here’s the links I mentioned in class, that I would send out. —–Forwarded Message—– > > > ” Kucinich, whose working-class district elected a conservative > Republican before him, is confident Democrats from even the most > competitive districts can safely join him… Continue reading [Fwd: us rep kuchinich’s speech]


Funny is a very sad way because it has the appearance of being deep, but it’s really not. “The Unknown” As we know, There are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know There are known unknowns. That is to say We know there are some things We do not… Continue reading “Rumi”sfeld