Disaster ensues when first world nations introduce democracy …

Apparently this is not just what happens in Iraq: when first world nations attempt to introduce democracy and self-rule, things get a bit crazy … with civil war sure to follow, if the pattern holds. In The Sun Online – News: Is this end of United Kingdom?, there’s a discussion of a rise in “nationalism”… Continue reading Disaster ensues when first world nations introduce democracy …

Oh, so hard to choose!

Apparently, having pastors ship in out of town customers isn’t a sustainable business model. Hmm, let me think. Free butter or women’s rights … women’s rights or free butter … Yeah, not so hard after all. Suck it, Thriftway.

Who knew?

Via Think Progress » Bush on what he learned from Tuesday’s elections, President Bush has learned now, suddenly, that the people want ethical behaviour in DC. Who knew? Someone should have said something earlier. You know, clued him in on that. If only it had been stated clearly to him before now. I mean, that… Continue reading Who knew?

Anti-Globalization is not anti-globalization

Anti-Globalization movement is to supporters of Globalization what anti-federalists were to the federalists. Which is a s much to say that things are not what they seem. The anti-Globalization movement is one which is a populist opposition to supporters of Globalization. This is much the same as the anti-federalists were a populist opposition to the… Continue reading Anti-Globalization is not anti-globalization

What is liberty after all?

The notion that liberty is hypothetical opportunity ignores the existence of consequences and complexity. Sure, any one can rob a bank; any one can become a first tier telecommunications company. Except that, when taken in context, they cannot. There are real social and economic consequences to the choices that people make, even small ones. Robbing… Continue reading What is liberty after all?

Water wars at home

More information about the rescent attempt to gain control of the water rights at the old brewery site via this morning’s Olympian, Olympia made right move on water rights: Unbeknownst to everyone else, attorneys hired by the city of Olympia stumbled onto the fact that an old law dating back more than 100 years allows… Continue reading Water wars at home

Response to “X, non-X, What’s The Dif?”

Noticed a reflection on one of my rambling posts reflecting on “New Epstein Book” … Some interesting discussion. Certainly I could be wrong in my analysis, but that’s always a possibility. I do recognize that there’s a great deal more to be known about the function of and development of monopolies in the capitalist economic… Continue reading Response to “X, non-X, What’s The Dif?”

Not an oxymoron: military gun safety

Via Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, “Bonus Quote of the Day“: “‘If he’d been in the military, he would have learned gun safety.’ — Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), quoted by the Omaha World Herald, on Vice President Dick Cheney’s hunting accident.” Oh. Snap!

Own a scandal? You forgot to diversify.

Via Democratic National Committee: Blog, “Republicans Own Abramoff Scandal“: “Despite the best attempts of the Republican Party and their good friends at the Washington Times, the Jack Abramoff scandal is owned, ‘lock, stock, and barrel’ by the GOP. Jack Abramoff has never ever, not one single time, given even a penny to a Democrat. Period.”… Continue reading Own a scandal? You forgot to diversify.

How The U.S. Government Undermined the Internet?

Via Slashdot, “How The U.S. Government Undermined the Internet“: “sakshale writes ‘The Register has an article about U.S. Government backed policy changes that have led ICANN to redeligate top level domains in such a way as to provide ‘greater state-controlled censorship on the internet, reduce people’s ability to use the internet to communicate freely, and… Continue reading How The U.S. Government Undermined the Internet?

Don’t forget to privatize the works that work

Via Crooks and Liars, “Video of Random Shootings in Iraq“: “The video has sparked concern that private security companies, which are not subject to any form of regulation either in Britain or in Iraq, could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.” I didn’t think to add privatization as the next step… Continue reading Don’t forget to privatize the works that work

Militarizing disaster responses through corporate restructuring

I watched the Frontline about Katrina response and it appears pretty damning. Not only is the corporate takeover fatally flawed, but the corporate partisans are inept. I’ve long thought that due to the delay between social movements and the appearance of adherents in the political system that we have entered the time when the yuppies… Continue reading Militarizing disaster responses through corporate restructuring