Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati by Terry Melanson is a rich treasure trove of history, much of which I found I hadn’t quite been familiar with yet, and that, in spite of the author’s barely hidden bias, really puts the infamous Illuminati in a heroic position in their time. I’ve always… Continue reading Perfectibilists

Secret societies, societies with secrets, and societies with spoilers

When thinking about secrets and mysteries in practice, I’ve long tossed about the idea of a difference between secret societies, societies with secrets and a society without spoilers. Especially in this day when so much is being made available online, but that really is just a matter of scale when there are plenty of historical… Continue reading Secret societies, societies with secrets, and societies with spoilers

In name only

Well, how interesting that the topic of Magdalene and the Reclaiming approach to story came up over the weekend as a way to explore what I see as paradigmatic difference between my relationship with Reclaiming and my experience in O.T.O. [also]. Interesting because when I got back from an extended weekend away, at an O.T.O.… Continue reading In name only

That took long enough

Via “Golden Compass Points to Controversy“: Based on the first volume in the award-winning trilogy “His Dark Materials” by religious skeptic Philip Pullman, the movie already has been condemned by conservative Roman Catholics and evangelicals. They say it will hook children into Pullman’s books and a dark, individualistic world where all religion is evil. But… Continue reading That took long enough

Politics in the Dark Ages of Online Games

Via Boing Boing: “Can you be a citizen of a virtual world? That’s the question that I keep asking myself, whenever anyone tells me about the wonder of multiplayer online games, especially Second Life, the virtual world that is more creative playground than game.” There’s been an online multiplayer RPG called Dark Ages for a… Continue reading Politics in the Dark Ages of Online Games

Rain is still wet

New Year’s day was blustery and wet here in Olympia. I was heading out of town to pick up my partner at the airport, and noticed a young man hitching. I decided I had enough time, so I pulled over to offer a ride. “Are you headed to downtown?” “No, I’m not, but I can… Continue reading Rain is still wet

“The sword of Damocles is hangin’ over my head …”

Be careful what you wish for, the consequences may be more than you expected: “Isn’t that what you wanted all along – freedom of religion? That freedom means all religions – even ones you don’t happen to like.” [via] In this article, an elementary school is forced to open up a system by which kids… Continue reading “The sword of Damocles is hangin’ over my head …”

Historical context for the War on Saturnalia

Here’s an article from National Geographic which attempts to put some historical context on the debate over holiday celebrations: “War on Christmas” Charge Echoes Past Debates, Expert Says Christmas was outlawed within the history of the early republic, within the colonies, as part of the religious legislation by the puritans. The puritans, apparently, were upset… Continue reading Historical context for the War on Saturnalia

The War on Saturnalia

It seems to me that it is neither the progressives nor the pluralists who are the reason that “Christmas” has become a “Holiday” but rather it’s the capitalists. In an effort to extend the season, business has had to work to make the season less specific to a religion and appeal to as many people… Continue reading The War on Saturnalia

Voices talking to themselves

An amusing story of various gods talking to themselves via Positive Liberty Reminds me of the last chapters of “Job” by Heinlein This one made me laugh out loud: ““But wait,” said Shiva. “Allah isn’t just any old god. It’s also said that He’s the God of Abraham. Surely that counts for something. And what… Continue reading Voices talking to themselves

Exit stage right …

Via Crooks and Liars, “South Carolina and the Chrisitian Exodus…“: “That is because South Carolina has been chosen as the place for hundreds, even thousands of Christians to move to, in hopes of impacting the government. But people who live here have mixed opinions about the Christian Exodus…” So this move is to South Carolina.… Continue reading Exit stage right …