Routes Game – games

Ran across this odd breeding game: Breeder. It took me a bit to realize there’s a goal state that one’s trying to reach, but that makes choices more than just aesthetic. They’ve got other stuff. And, it’s part of an 8 week long series: “Routes is an eight week game from Channel 4 Education in… Continue reading Routes Game – games

Holstic Design with Dr. Love at Schnitzer on Jan 15th at 7pm

Yeah, that’s not a porno, you perv. Holistic Design with Dr. Terence Love Professor of Architecture, Design and Engineering, Curtin University “Holistic design depends on the material opportunities but even more on our inner subjective, emotional life.” 7 pm, Thursday January 15th, 2009 This is part of the Linus- Pauling Memorial Lectures 2008-2009 Science, Techonology… Continue reading Holstic Design with Dr. Love at Schnitzer on Jan 15th at 7pm

Who is your Dada now?

Via Slashdot, there’s an article about some recent experimental results in quantum physics that push some surprising conclusions: The result means that we must not only give up Einstein’s hope of “no spooky action at a distance,” we must also give up (some of) the idea that the world exists when we are not looking.… Continue reading Who is your Dada now?