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I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s certainly funny. iTunes was having a little trouble today, but you know it was artfully designed trouble:

Learn something new

I activated this accidentally when typing an e-mail and found out that it’s a feature. Who knew? (Probably everyone, right?) I mean, not that I’ll probably use it all that much, but … hit ‘esc’ while typing and get a completion list, cool! Doesn’t work for in HTML forms or in the toolbar of Safari,… Continue reading Learn something new


Ah, here it is finally. I figured there would be something like this coming from inside the Apple camp. Via “Meet Bento — Learn More” Bento organizes all your important information in one place. So you can manage your contacts, coordinate events, track projects, prioritize tasks, and more — faster and easier than ever before.… Continue reading Bento

Forcing the clowns to break their fall makes high-wire act safer …

Here’s an example that shows that something is messed up in the way products are priced. The article “Slashdot | Apple Turning Cell Phone Market Upside Down?” observes: Everyone assumed that Apple’s $499/$599 prices for the iPhone was subsidized by Cingular. But, it appears that Apple is not allowing mobile carriers to subsidize the iPhone.… Continue reading Forcing the clowns to break their fall makes high-wire act safer …

People can’t remember URLs

Via an interesting article that reminds us all that “most searched” lists are PR driven, not data driven, “Business 2.0 BETA blog network” is this comment: “They’re using search engines as navigation, typing website names or even URLs into the search box that automatically pops up in their browser.” It’s a funny thing to me… Continue reading People can’t remember URLs

Where to keep movies? Everywhere, of course.

I don’t know who asked, “If you had everything, where would you put it?” However, my answer has always been, “Everywhere, of course.” So, almost under the radar, I find that iPhoto version 5 imports movies. I assume version 6 does also. Also, iTunes holds movies. And, there’s a movies folder which is where neither… Continue reading Where to keep movies? Everywhere, of course.