Welcome to a taste of post-abundance

The PSE outage line reports 700,000 estimated without power in their service area, and days if not a week to restore power to everyone. … but, you know, at least that power generator you bought for Y2K is useful now … as long as your gas supply holds out. Get your syphon ready to pull… Continue reading Welcome to a taste of post-abundance

Who’s the smart egg that thought of this one?

Maybe it’s just me, but is handing out free eggs by the dozen such a good idea when there’s a protest about reproductive women’s rights going on? Thiftway, buddy, pal, that’s a bit like rudely refusing to offer candy on Halloween and, instead, handing out free rolls of toilet paper. You know, every chicken egg… Continue reading Who’s the smart egg that thought of this one?

How sane is it that to survive retail makes us insane?

I only noticed this yesterday, but Mervyn’s is closing in the Mall. This was announced as far back as January at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Layoff Tracker. Mervyns LLC said Monday that it will close 20 stores — including all 13 in Washington — by next year, affecting more than 1,400 positions, as the struggling retailer… Continue reading How sane is it that to survive retail makes us insane?

Oh, so hard to choose!

Apparently, having pastors ship in out of town customers isn’t a sustainable business model. Hmm, let me think. Free butter or women’s rights … women’s rights or free butter … Yeah, not so hard after all. Suck it, Thriftway.

Business group can’t budget?

Via “Downtown group seeks cash“: The group that’s getting the new downtown improvement district off the ground is running low on cash. The Olympia Downtown Association will start collecting dues again from its members, and has asked the city for $23,850 to support its programs and launch the improvement district. Interesting choice, journalistically, to not… Continue reading Business group can’t budget?

Good Guys gone?

So, now I try to call the Good Guys, and their number has been changed to an 800 number. Instead, I go to the website and find that: After more than 30 years of providing the best in high-end entertainment products, along with unmatched service and support, our freestanding stores are closing, and the Good… Continue reading Good Guys gone?