Secret societies, societies with secrets, and societies with spoilers

When thinking about secrets and mysteries in practice, I’ve long tossed about the idea of a difference between secret societies, societies with secrets and a society without spoilers. Especially in this day when so much is being made available online, but that really is just a matter of scale when there are plenty of historical… Continue reading Secret societies, societies with secrets, and societies with spoilers

MK Enochian TEX 2011sept21

This was the first actual working my magical partner and I have done since deciding to work together. We had planned on starting our long distance Enochian scrying last week, but scheduling conflicted with our intentions. We did some pre-planning two weeks ago, and corresponded via Internet over the intervening time. M created an outline… Continue reading MK Enochian TEX 2011sept21


For me, superstition is not characterized by choosing one metaphor over another labeled wrong, but rather in mistaking perception and metaphor for an objective reality; and to banish superstition is to realize this: that truth is never without subjectivity because any truth understood by a mind is conditioned by the limitations of mind, that metaphors… Continue reading Superstition

wholly unbalanced

I find you wholly unbalanced. You favor the dagger like a crutch, and that addiction proves your need further banishing. Your crude supplication to what you take as objective truth is transparent to the wise as weakness of mind.

The Thelema of these “thelemites”

For the Thelemite to say that the Wiccan, or Christian or whatever, is wrong in their path is not only to deny that it is possible for someone’s true will to be on their particular path, but is moreover to claim authority over another’s self determination of their will. If interference with another’s rights is… Continue reading The Thelema of these “thelemites”