Sigil for magical partners

One of the recent things in my life is that I’ve been developing a relationship with someone who shares an interest in being magical partners together. One aspect of this came up as a suggestion from my partner that we might have a sigil of some kind to represent the combination of our emergent effort.… Continue reading Sigil for magical partners

taking lines from nature and forming signs

taking lines from nature and forming signs giving many meanings to make a witch’s ring wealth worthy of kings to be shared with all not greedily hoarded hidden in disused feast hall noble lands descending generations sanguine skill past from past to present hands by wielders misty lands unknown by eyes but never forgotten old… Continue reading taking lines from nature and forming signs

Lugh bind rune rhyme

We are the fruit of our past the seed of our future From the seed pierced by thorn grows the apple tree No trees without seed No fruit without trees No seed without harvest See also: Lugh circle cast, Updated Lugh bind rune rhyme