If I were starting a Rosicrucian group …

… it would probably look a lot like the Hermetic Library Fellowship Program, or, rather, what that would be if more fully developed toward what I hope that project will become. And, I’ve been meaning to write more about my ideas and aspirations for the Fellowship Program, so I just might actually do this, even… Continue reading If I were starting a Rosicrucian group …


For me, superstition is not characterized by choosing one metaphor over another labeled wrong, but rather in mistaking perception and metaphor for an objective reality; and to banish superstition is to realize this: that truth is never without subjectivity because any truth understood by a mind is conditioned by the limitations of mind, that metaphors… Continue reading Superstition


A: Ow! A & B: … B: That was the truth.

wholly unbalanced

I find you wholly unbalanced. You favor the dagger like a crutch, and that addiction proves your need further banishing. Your crude supplication to what you take as objective truth is transparent to the wise as weakness of mind.


your bible-thumpery is thwartsome and is as in need for jestery poking as any archetypal old bat in Sunday dress and flower hat who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business that you don’t see that is evidence of a character flaw that need for a truth you have to use as a… Continue reading tourist