And that’s why I guess I’ll wait with baited breath for your stream of status updates in response with passive-aggressive quotes trying on various rationalizations and excuses in other threads and venues, hoping one will stick. But what you’ll no doubt fail to realize is that no matter how you dismiss any criticism, it is… Continue reading unaltered

status update

B: … and, therefore, while I understand what you are saying, I disagree and believe you are seriously mistaken A & B: … B: Yes, well, I will look forward to your passive-aggressive status update in reply.


I’m not sure but it’s most certainly earlier that I started being interested in etymology, but I definitely recall the effect of my meager semester of Latin from freshman year of high school. I know without a doubt that I got a couple extra answers correct on my S.A.T. because of that class. I find… Continue reading Therioi


I’ve found myself thinking off and on over the [insert your favourite lengthy time interval here] about calendars. I’ve been interested in various calendars at various times, for some value of “interested” which ranges from genuine curiosity to amusement. A few of the calendars that come to mind off-hand which I’ve found interesting include the… Continue reading Heliocentricity

Poi Dog Pondering at Doug Fir on Dec 5th at 9pm

Noticed that Poi Dog Pondering will be at Doug Fir Lounge on Sat, Dec 5th at 9pm: Global folk pop from beloved Austinites POI DOG PONDERING with SCOTLAND YARD GOSPEL CHOIR $15 advance, $17 day of show Update 22oct09 @ 10:19am: Got an email that Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was in an auto accident and… Continue reading Poi Dog Pondering at Doug Fir on Dec 5th at 9pm

Marchforth Marching Band 6th Anniversary Spectacular

Has it really been a year already? Well, better late than never in noticing. It’s Marchfourth Marching Band‘s 6th Anniversary Spectacular, four days and five shows, on Mar 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. There will be something for (almost) everyone this year, as we return to our eastside roots for shows on March 1, 2,… Continue reading Marchforth Marching Band 6th Anniversary Spectacular

Permission Revoked

I hereby formally, officially and categorically deny, refuse and repudiate the recent changes to the Facebook Terms of Use as they apply to the unilateral, unacceptable and unconscionable claim that Facebook owns my original content in perpetuity. I have therefore removed all imported content from my personal site and I assert my personal prior and… Continue reading Permission Revoked

Don’t judge. It’s cool. Okay?

Trock “Enter Trock, or Timelord Rock. It’s all about Doctor Who, and it’s a lovely smashup of emo shoegazing and electronic zoom.” “Following the community model of Wrock, Time Lord Rock invites interested Who heads of all skill levels to form bands and write songs celebrating the various characters, elements and incarnations of the Doctor… Continue reading Don’t judge. It’s cool. Okay?